About us

Sobestores.com offers users seamless integration of their small businesses into the ecosystem of global e-commerce.

We also seamlessly enable users integration across major marketplaces backed by plugin partnerships with Facebook and Google advertising hence allowing customers the ability to easily market and promote to a local or global audience.

Our differentiator is the ability to become a nimble full service e-commerce geared platform with the unique ability to plug onto users existing websites as the e-commerce engine.

Our ‘do it yourself tools’ and free mobile store apps makes creating, operating your website on the go and getting started a breeze.

We offer a free lifetime membership plan and a free sub domain for your website with the added ability to use your existing or personal domain name.

The most notable limitation of the free plan is the store owners customer’s ability to access the full checkout and payment features.

This free offer allows customers the chance to test our services and also to get a full e-commerce experience with no costs to worry about. Once customers believe they are ready to accept payments online then they simply upgrade to one of our three paid plans and take their businesses to the next level.

Finally, our partnerships with local payment gateways allows our customers access to fast and reliable payment solutions all integrated into their stores, which essentially makes getting paid from your customers easy and seamless to your bank accounts.